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The Red Beanbag Sessions

Each few weeks I sing a song sitting on my red beanbag.

36. She Dreams of Me

35. Rain on Mars

34. All Around the World To Be With You

33. I Know I Was A Fool Because You Told Me

32. I Will Be There For You When the Ceiling Falls In

31. A Coal Mine Disaster Song

30. Chocolate as a Remedy for Pain

29. Holy Water

28. Yellow Car

27. Hot Air Rising

26. A Paekakariki Shutdown Song

25. Just Like a Movie

24. Covid-19 Lockdown

23. Flower and Honey and Bee

22. Coffee in the Pot

21. Blue Murder

20. Red Sky Overhead (with batucada at CubaDupa in Wellington)

19. That’s Why They Call It Paradise

18. Breathe Easy

17. A Sad Song About Pigs In Cages

16. Bees, Glaciers and Trees

15. Home Is Where The Heart Is and There’s No Place Like Home

14. The Future of Rock is Sand

13. A Toast to a Field of Turnips

12. What Would Marcus Aurelius Do?

11. Cars Are Made of Steel

10. One Foot On The Ground

9. The Ever Present Risk of Falling

8. Far Far Far Far Away

7. Warm and Dry

6. Everything Will Be OK

5. Howling at the Moon

4. The World Epictetus Knew – a Song About Stoicism.

3. When They Make the Movie of My Life I Wonder Who’ll Be Me

2. A Nice New Bulgarian Name

#1. Old MacDonald Had a Farm

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